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           Dynamix Consulting Corp. is a full service, on-site, professional computer networking firm which prides itself on customer service and timely solutions to your problems.  All technicians possess Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certifications as well as formal education in Computer Science and/or Engineering from well known universities.  Aside from the technical accreditations, all technicians are thoroughly trained in the aspects of customer relations and ethical business practices.  We feel it is not only important to get the job done quickly and properly but also to have our customer understand the work that was done and be completely satisfied when the work is completed.

            As every company varies, so do our levels of support.  The basic relationship we establish with our clients is based on a time and material basis.  The customer simply calls when services are required and a prompt appointment is made to begin the work.  The work is then billed at an hourly rate which the customer pays upon completion.  The rates for hours other than normal business hours or weekend and holiday rates are pro-rated accordingly.

            To support our larger or more complex clients, we offer a block of hours ranging from 8-64, hours depending on the level of support required and the complexity of the installation or configuration.  This also offers a monetary advantage to our customers as block hours are significantly discounted.

            Further, we also offer complete support plans to our customers.  It gives them the equivalent of having their own IT person who is dedicated to their network.  This service is billed monthly, decided by the amount of computers on the network, and is not limited by a certain number of hours.  The service is guaranteed next day, however, more than 98% of the calls are answered the same day.

our company


Antonucci & Associates
Architects and Engineers
Bob Antonucci
(914) 773-7740

DeCicco Food Market
John DeCicco Jr.
(914) 738-1377

IUOE Local 30
Labor Union
Jack Ahern
(718) 847-8484

Case Concepts Intl.
Case Design & Distribution
(845) 348-9880

Westchester BMW
Car Dealership
Jeff Rubin
(914) 761-5555

Barracuda Networks

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Network Security is the specialty of Dynamix Consulting Corp. We have worked on large and small scale companies, securing their networks in various ways.


As per our motto... Your Business Cant Stop. Automation tools are key for having a company that runs smoothly. However, it is key that they are configured by trained professionals to operate properly or they will only cause new headaches.


If you think your computers are starting to run slower, chances are you're right.


If your business is very specific, sometimes there is no program out there that does "just what you want".


Dynamix Consulting Corp. also offers website design to suit a client’s needs.  Unique, custom websites are created to give your business or persona a presence on the World Wide Web.  Websites are designed to a customer’s specifications at a pre-determined price between Dynamix and the client.  Hourly support contracts are not usable for website design.